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Schedule a Soil Test

Knowing what's in your soil can be pretty much impossible without a soil test. Growers tend to wait for plants to show symptoms and amend based off what the plant is telling them, but at that point it's too late.

Step 1

Step 2

Collect 2 cups of sample material into sample bag

Step 3

Ship or drop off sample:
Soil Testing Services
4736 Royal Ave. PO#158
Eugene, OR 97402


What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

Image by Stephen Radford

"they helped bring my farm back to life. I had been growing conventionally for 17 years and had depleted all of my organic matter and had come to live with a serious weed and pathogen headache, treating only with temporary stuff. They brought my soil back to life and created a living ecosystem down there that helps manage itself if I lightly support it. My yields are now outstanding and profits never better"

- Rufus, WA

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